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the highway dust is over all

stolen package -- help?

It looks as though my raffle Lap Dragon was stolen today.

Yesterday, I was gone for two hours, during which UPS tried to deliver it but I wasn't there to sign for it. They left a notice (with tracking number) on the door.

Today, I left a note for UPS to leave it beside the stairs (which is somewhat out of the way and less visible than the doorstep) if I wasn't home when they came. I did this recently once before, and it worked fine. Today, I came home (I was only gone for two or three hours) to no package, and no package arrived while I was home.

I went to the site and entered the tracking number; it claims the item was delivered.

There's no box anywhere in sight.

I live behind a house in one of about eight trailers; there's no way someone could have seen the package from the road, or from the house. So you can guess what my unpleasant suspicions are... I don't know my neighbors well, so I have trouble believing that one of them innocently picked it up to take it out of the cold for me and is just waiting for me to come ask about it.

Now I just don't know what to do. Go round to the neighbors and ask if they've seen it or picked it up? Call the police? And tell them what? (What could they do?)

I have never had a package stolen before; I'm at a loss and very very angry. Please, guys, tell me what the best procedure is?

Thanks so much! (And if you see that lap dragon on Ebay or Craigslist or something, please tell me?)


On your advice so far, I've gotten through to an agent at UPS, who claims it was delivered, and signed for by "Madison" -- whoever the heck that is -- and that I should contact Windstone to have them start a trace on it.

I went around to the neighbors, but of the three who were home, no one had it, though one thinks he saw the UPS guys come to my door. I've emailed Susie with the phone number for UPS and the tracking number to ask her to call them about the trace.

Guess there's nothing else I can really do for tonight.

Thanks, guys! (When I find this "Madison" person, I am going to wring her neck...)
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