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Not sure what to make of this...

This guy made a gum-paste mold* of the "secret keeper" Windstone dragon and is selling prints of the photo he took of it, and no credit was given to Windstone in the image desc: http://raynich2.deviantart.com/art/Pastillage-Myth-146559063 :/ (I went ahead and emailed Melody about it, since I thought this might be a violation of Windstone's copyright, even if it was made of edible material.)


*He claims that she sculpted it, but the details match the original too precisely to have been sculpted: https://www.windstoneeditions.com/shop/images/P/540-G-SecretKeeper_lrg.jpg (And this makes me wonder if the rest of his "sculpted" and "carved" works were molds as well, simply filled with chocolate or gum-paste, then allowed to harden.)

Edit: Sorry, it's actually a guy, not a girl (as I had originally stated), and as Tyreenya commented, the photo is a direct rip of one Melody posted to Elfwood: http://melodypena.elfwood.com/final_plaster_cast_of_the_Paw_Up_dragon.3031683.html ...Thus it's not even a gum-paste mold at all. And as Tyrrlin mentioned, it's not the only stolen photo in his gallery, meaning that his entire gallery is now suspect. :P

Edit #2 The stolen image has been removed now (and another one also), so yay, mission accomplished! :D
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