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Windstone Paint Your Own Gryphon for sale!

I'm trying to pare things down for the inevitable move, so I'm selling my unfinished Windstone PYO Gryphon sculpture. I had started painting it with a thin wash of Golden brand acrylic paints, but never got a chance to finish it. I don't foresee myself ever picking it up again to finish the job so I figured I'd offer it for sale so some other creative mind can customize their very own gryphon. A coat of primer and it will be a completely blank slate!

This is a 1st edition PYO gryphon, in that it was part of the first batch originally offered. This is the blue eyed model and is in perfect condition.

Thanks for looking!


Packing tutorial now on ebay

The old link for the Windstone Packing tutorial went dead, so with the help of the original author, I've uploaded it to ebay (I'd asked for permission from the original host and author before the link went dead).

Check it out!

Regarding the pictures in the guide, ebay sized them down to what they are when they were uploaded. I tried to enlarge them, but it degraded the quality so I left them smaller.
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Hi! I have a bunch of retired Windstone Editions that are in need of a new home. Sadly, only one has its original box (the pegasus). I am willing to part with them for very, very reasonable prices plus the cost of shipping. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

**pics edited to show what is still available :)**
I've posted pics and pricing on the Windstone Flea Market. :)

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New to the Community!

I have the white hatching dragon, and I LOVE it. Only quality white dragons I've *ever* seen. If anyone knows people looking to sell their white windstone dragons, I'd LOVE to own the full set! :D Gorgeous, gorgeous work. No chance of any colors ever being reissued, is there?
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Not sure what to make of this...

This guy made a gum-paste mold* of the "secret keeper" Windstone dragon and is selling prints of the photo he took of it, and no credit was given to Windstone in the image desc: :/ (I went ahead and emailed Melody about it, since I thought this might be a violation of Windstone's copyright, even if it was made of edible material.)


*He claims that she sculpted it, but the details match the original too precisely to have been sculpted: (And this makes me wonder if the rest of his "sculpted" and "carved" works were molds as well, simply filled with chocolate or gum-paste, then allowed to harden.)

Edit: Sorry, it's actually a guy, not a girl (as I had originally stated), and as Tyreenya commented, the photo is a direct rip of one Melody posted to Elfwood: ...Thus it's not even a gum-paste mold at all. And as Tyrrlin mentioned, it's not the only stolen photo in his gallery, meaning that his entire gallery is now suspect. :P

Edit #2 The stolen image has been removed now (and another one also), so yay, mission accomplished! :D
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Peregrine/German Shepherd PYO Gryphon!

Hey all!

I lurk a lot here, so I'm being non-lurky for once and posting my latest PYO gryphon!

He's supposed to be a Peregrine-Shepherd mix...I think I did ok? His pics are awful though because my batteries were dying. Anyway, without further ado...

Pics behind here to save your screens!Collapse )

That gryphon is actually HERE on Ebay if anyone wants to give him a good home!

Also, can anyone give me a value for the white male rearing unicorn (not the grand. The one on his haunches)? I have to sell mine to pay some rent D:

Thanks guys!
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A hello and black unicorn hunting

Hi Everyone!

Thought I should say hello here and then continue stalking. ;) My name is Traci; I recently joined the forum as well (username on there is 'Crimson Vision', I used the same icon for this post as I do in the forum to help in recognition) but have been a fan of Windstones for a long time ever since I first saw a friends dragon.

I am VERY interested in the Grand Unicorn, yes I would like the black one. I am also interested in the Unicorn Gargoyle. Not interested in the gothic.

I am also really digging the Poad™s. I like the brightly colored ones; would have loved to have gotten the 'Silver Spangled' or 'Pizza #1'.

Anyways! It's nice to meet you all and I look forward to sharing this obsession with you! ;)

EDITED TO ADD: Just won a black male Uni on ebay this morning and am in discussions to get a mother this evening! :) Hopefully the children will come soon after! ;)

EDITED TO ADD 10/7: Have all of the Black uni family now and even have a full white family including the grand! Still looking for the black grand as well as bright poads!

In the Windstone Editions Store Now!

Armadillo, 2009 edition, One Per Customer Please!

This Armadillo is one of the animals from the retired line of sculptures we produced when we started Windstone Editions in 1984. I have newly painted these rediscovered old Armadillo castings with light and dark brown, shaded in a "sunburst " pattern like an old mandolin. The original Armadillos were slightly greyer in color and did not have such dark brown markings. He has dark brown glass eyes. Like the other animals in this old line, they are whimsical and not meant to be accurate representations of any species in particular. Nine banded armadillos cannot really curl up like this, I just thought it looked cute. Now I feel guilty for perpetuating a myth. In addition to the color, this 2009 Edition Armadillo can be told from the original ones we sold between 1984 and 1988 by the new grey felt Windstone pad. He is not numbered, but he is signed by me, Melody Pena. He comes with a letter of authenticity and a hang tag.

We have over 100 of these Armadillo castings and plan to paint more like this until they run out.

The first batch is limited to "One Per Customer". If you are unable to obtain one of this first batch, please email to be placed on our waiting list to be notified when the next batch is available.

Size: 2 3/4" tall, 2 1/2" wide.
Cat. No. 106-OA
Quantity in stock: 28 item(s) available (as of 12:58 PM Eastern)
Weight: 1.40 lbs
Price: $60.00
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