chessapeaka (chessapeaka) wrote in windstone_ed,

Yep, the forum is still down.

I'm assured that they are working on it, so keep you fingers crossed that our beloved forum will see the light of day again soon!

But since it's STILL down, and because everyone here at Windstone is suffering from withdrawal as much as you guys are (especially Melody and Pam, because I think both of them have things that they have been waiting to post/ask you guys about), here is a brief update on the current eBay auctions:

Twilight Curled Dragon #3:
This guy is lovely, and don't worry, he has nothing to do with that popular story about vampires! Like it says in the description, this guy has a great finish on him-- very nice, smooth, and glossy-perfect.

Calico Licking Cat #1:
Number one of two! See the picture of his felt pad? Yeah, that pad is a little sloppy because I had to hand cut it. Even though our pad stampin' machine isn't set up yet, we wouldn't have been able to make any more pads for this sculpture, because we have very likely lost the stamp for it. It is a retired sculpture, and I don't think any of these have been sold directly from Windstone in my lifetime--until now.

Salmon Pearl Lap Dragon #3:
This guy is so pretty. I don't have any fun trivia for her (... or him?), but again, like the Twilight Curlie, she was painted by Olimpia so the finish is really, really nice. Also, she likes to be stroked. Most Lap Dragons do!

Orange Eyed Orange Tabby #1:
Number one of three! Like the Licking Cat, this one has a hand cut pad and hasn't been sold directly from Windstone in forever. This sculpture is really cute, especially because he is just the right size and shape to sit in the palm of your hand. Also, we spent a lot of time fixing these guys up and making sure that the finish is absolutely as perfect as we can get it. No specks!

So, there you are. How is everyone? I miss reading about your lives! I hope the forum comes back up soon!!!

Also, I will try to see if Melody has a picture of the December raffle prize for me to post here... We might not be able to because we don't have a host right now that isn't photobucket, but I'll see what we can do.  Nevermind, seems someone else posted one. ;) Awesome!

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