The Red Rose of Texas (fieryredhead) wrote in windstone_ed,
The Red Rose of Texas

A hello and black unicorn hunting

Hi Everyone!

Thought I should say hello here and then continue stalking. ;) My name is Traci; I recently joined the forum as well (username on there is 'Crimson Vision', I used the same icon for this post as I do in the forum to help in recognition) but have been a fan of Windstones for a long time ever since I first saw a friends dragon.

I am VERY interested in the Grand Unicorn, yes I would like the black one. I am also interested in the Unicorn Gargoyle. Not interested in the gothic.

I am also really digging the Poad™s. I like the brightly colored ones; would have loved to have gotten the 'Silver Spangled' or 'Pizza #1'.

Anyways! It's nice to meet you all and I look forward to sharing this obsession with you! ;)

EDITED TO ADD: Just won a black male Uni on ebay this morning and am in discussions to get a mother this evening! :) Hopefully the children will come soon after! ;)

EDITED TO ADD 10/7: Have all of the Black uni family now and even have a full white family including the grand! Still looking for the black grand as well as bright poads!
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