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Hi there. I'm new to the community as well. I first was introduced to Windstones in the early 1990's. My mom and I were passing through a collectibles shop at our local mall that was going out of business. They had several pieces then that I regret not taking my mom up on her offer to buy me.

I would continue to drool over the pieces in other collectible stores until almost 2000 before I would make my first Windstone purchases - the Black Unicorn Mother and the Baby Pegasus. After that point there was no way I wasn't going to collect those families. Some I managed to find in stores, but most I ended up getting off eBay.

I only had one mishap with buying off eBay. When the Black Male Unicorn was shipped to me the seller didn't use quite enough packing so his tail and horn came off. (He refunded some of my money because I really wanted to keep the piece) With much trepidation I bent the base of the horn back into shape so it would fit right and used super glue to put as much of the tail back as I had.

The funny thing is when the Black Unicorn Male arrived I was having to go to my post office anyway to pick up my held mail from a vacation. When I was pulling into the parking lot I had the thought that "Rayden's Requiem" was waiting for me - and he was. "Rayden's Requiem" is what I named the Black Unicorn Male.

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You can kind of see the damage here and where I had to touch up the paint. I wasn't sure on painting so I used a Sharpie.

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Here's Rayden with his family (they don't have names) in their home in my computer cabinet.

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Living next to Rayden is my Pegasus family Sky Singer, Storm Singer and the other two names elude me right now.

My husband also has the Winged Wolf, but it's in the other room so missed getting photographed.

In the last community post ruffiandog asked about some older retired Windstones. In one of my responses I mentioned taking time out of my day to make a list of retired pieces. Well I did and here it is. The information on the list is according to the Windstone Editions Encyclopedia at Astra Castle.

Retired in 1987
203 Sitting Cat (Assorted Colors)
203-S Sitting Cat (Siamese)

Retired in 1988
101 Scratching Dog
102 Purring Cat (Assorted Colors)
103 Frog
104 Lamb
105 Tortoise
106 Armadillo
201 Tabby Cat (Assorted Colors)
201-S Tabby Cat (Siamese)
202 Licking Cat (Assorted Colors)
202-S Licking Cat (Siamese)
204 Pig
205 Razor Back
302 Bob Cat
303 Barn Owl
401 Wolf
402 Lion
403 Mother Bear
404 Bear Cub, Sitting
405 Bear Cub, Lying
601 Large Wizard

Retired in 1993
501-B Mother Dragon (Brown)
502-B Hatching Dragon (Brown)
503-B Male Dragon (Brown)
504-B Young Dragon (Brown)
520-B Emperor Dragon (Brown)

Retired in 1996
501-G Mother Dragon (Green)
503-G Male Dragon (Green)
504-G Young Dragon (Green)
520-G Emperor Dragon (Green)
601-K Large Wizard (Black)
602-K Small Wizard (Black)
720 Flion
901-B Griffin (Brown)

Retired in 1997
LS-C Castle Logostone
604 Girl Cherub

Retired in 1998
306 Hatching Protoceratops Dinosaur
307 Hatching Galapagos Tortoise
308 Hatching Maiasaur Dinosaur
309 Hatching Velociraptor Dinosaur
311 Hatching Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur

Retired in 1999
LS LogoStone
603 Boy Cherub

Retired in 2000
301 Baby Triceratops Dinosaur
403-W Mouse Wizard (White)
502-G Hatching Dragon (Green)
507-E Hatching Empress Dragon (Emerald)
507-W Hatching Empress Dragon (White)
508-E Hatching Emperor Dragon (Emerald)
508-W Hatching Emperor Dragon (White)
509-P Hatching Kinglet Dragon (Peacock)
511-W Mother Coiled Dragon (White)
601-E Large Wizard (Emerald)
601-W Large Wizard (White)
602-E Small Wizard (Emerald)
602-W Small Wizard (White)
801-K Male Unicorn (Black)
802-K Baby Unicorn (Black)
803-K Mother Unicorn (Black)
804-K Young Unicorn (Black)

Retired in 2001
305 Baby Stegosaurus Dinosaur
403-E Mouse Wizard (Emerald)
509-E Hatching Kinglet Dragon (Emerald)
511-E Mother Coiled Dragon (Emerald)
530-P Oriental Dragon (Peacock)
531-P Young Oriental Dragon (Peacock)
532-P Oriental Sun Dragon (Peacock)
701-S Bird Winged Flap Cat (Siamese)
702-K Bat Winged Flap Cat (Black)
806 Gothic Unicorn
950 Dragon Gargoyle
951 Hatching Gargoyle
957 Pig Gargoyle
958 Mother Griffin Gargoyle

Retired in 2002
505-W Coiled Dragon (White)
509-W Hatching Kinglet Dragon (White)
605-E Wind Wizard (Emerald) Limited Edition
605-P Wind Wizard (Peacock) Limited Edition
701-K Bird Winged Flap Cat (Black)
702-S Bat Winged Flap Cat (Siamese)
703-K Large Bird Winged Flap Cat (Black)
703-S Large Bird Winged Flap Cat (Siamese)
953 Gargoyle Egg with Claws
960 Bat Cat Gargoyle
3001-E Dragon Sconce Electic Lamp

Retired in 2003
508-P Hatching Emperor Dragon (Peacock)
511-P Mother Coiled Dragon (Peacock)
515-E Rising Spectral Dragon (Emerald) - according to Astral Castle
954 Gargolingus

Retired in 2004
402 Frog Prince
404-E Cat Wizard (Emerald)
501-E Mother Dragon (Emerald) - according to Astral Castle
501-E Mother Dragon (White)
502-E Hatching Dragon (Emerald) - according to Astral Castle
502-W Hatching Dragon (White)
503-E Male Dragon (Emerald)
503-W Male Dragon (White)
504-E Young Dragon (Emerald)
504-W Young Dragon (White)
505-E Coiled Dragon (Emerald)
506-E Scratching Dragon (Emerald)
506-W Scratching Dragon (White)
510-E Fledgling Dragon (Emerald)
510-W Fledgling Dragon (White)
512-E Lap Dragon (Emerald)
512-W Lap Dragon (White)
513-E Old Warrior Dragon (Emerald)
514-E Spectral Dragon (Emerald)
520-E Emperor Dragon (Emerald)
520-W Emperor Dragon (White)
530-J Oriental Dragon (Jade)
531-J Young Oriental Dragon (Jade)
532-J Oriental Sun Dragon (Jade)
821 Male Pegasus
824 Mother Pegasus
823 Baby Pegasus
901-K Griffin (Black)
920 Baby Ki-Rin
921 Male Ki-Rin
922 Mother Ki-Rin
955 Winged Cat Gargoyle
959 Happy Cat Gargoyle
961 Unicorn Gargoyle
963 Wizard Woodlore
2002 Griffin Candlelamp
2004 Stone Cottage Candlelamp
2010 Wizard's Retreat Candlelamp
2011 Mushroom Ring Candlelamp

Retired in 2006
404-P Cat Wizard (Peacock)
513-RU Old Warrior Dragon (Ruby)
515-P Rising Spectral Dragon (Peacock)
515-RU Rising Spectral Dragon (Ruby)
520-R Emperor Dragon (Rainbow)
520-RU Emperor Dragon (Ruby)
956 The Roaring Sentinel Gargoyle
1004-G Good Cat Electric Bookend
2020 Bear Butt Candlelamp
2021 Bear Back Candlelamp
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